Examining The GoFit Ball

You may have gone to a friend’s house and seen one of those big, silly-looking exercise balls in their living room and thought, "There is absolutely no way those things actually work." But it is better to actually research for yourself than to automatically assume that they do not really work. And if you look up some things on the GoFit ball, you will probably be surprised by what you find!

First off, be aware that there are many companies that make exercise balls, but not all of these are created equal, as some have a tendency to pop easily or to become sticky over time. The GoFit is the premier exercise ball, and it is extremely durable, with no stickiness or odor! What’s more, you can get a GoFit ball without spending a whole bunch of dough; for instance, the 65 centimeter GoFit ball – along with a 25 minute instructional DVD – costs only $33 (and it is only 24 dollars if you shop for it on Amazon!).

If you decide that you want to purchase a GoFit ball, keep this in mind: when picking a size, you should judge it based off the length of your legs, rather than based off your height. This is an important consideration to keep in mind, as you will find that GoFit suggests sizes based on height, but this should be adjusted accordingly if your legs are long or short for your height.

So then, the question becomes: "Okay, it’s a good price and it’s durable, but does it actually work?"

The short answer to this question is: It absolutely works, as long as you use it correctly on a regular basis! You need to keep the ball inflated to the proper size (it comes with an air pump as well) and use it several times per week; if you do this, you will significantly strengthen your core. Furthermore, you will feel a huge improvement in your back – even if you have had back problems, and even if these back problems have been severe!

You can actually have a fun, easy workout, for a very reasonable price; the investment in a GoFit is well worth it, as you surely will see if you buy one yourself!


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