Healthy Skin Tips

The health of their skin, is a topic most women are concerned about. They are happy to apply chemicals to help moisturize, peal, and shrink pores. Which can be fine and good, however most women miss the tips that can really help to get their skin healthy. Following these tips can really give your skin an nice healthy glow.

One of the easiest things to do is drink more water. This may come as a shock but one of the best things you can do for your skin is make sure you are hydrated. Carry a water bottle around with you. There is some arguement to how much water is good for you. A common number is eight glasses while others recommend taking your body weight divided by 2 and drinking that many ounces (for example 150 / 2 = 75 ounces). It doesn’t matter which one you chose, the big thing is to drink more water. Staying hydrated on the inside makes your skin appear more healthy on the outside.

Wearing a good 30 SPF sunscreen is another good tip for your skin. The days of a “healthy tan” are quickly coming to an end as more and more data shows that the sun damages your skin and causes premature aging. The key to dealing with this is to apply a good sunscreen preferably with an SPF of at least 15. This also reduces your chances of melanoma, which can kill.

Tip Three involves eating correctly. More research is being done about this all of the time. Books such as Feed Your Skin Starve Your Wrinkles are beginning to bring this research more to the main stream. You can slow down aging and improve your health by eating antioxidant rich foods like fruits and vegitables along with high oil foods like nuts.

So don’t toss out all of your skin care routine, but keep in mind that you need to start from the base to truly get healthy skin. None of these tips are hard to include into your routine.

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