Healthy Spring Break Ideas For Kids


Not sure what to do with your family this Spring Break? Are you worried your kids will do nothing but play video games all week long? Give these fun Spring Break ideas a whirl and see if your family can’t come up with some memorable experiences this year.

Enjoy time in your home sweet home. Pretend you are out of town. Take some time off work (or perhaps one of you can take off two days, and the other three days) and have fun with your schedule, staying up super late and sleeping in. Spend a day at the gym with your kids, swimming together or teaching them how to use the equipment. Have a family slumber party in the living room, take your child to the tennis courts, or have the family work on the yard, preparing it for spring. Play boards games or dig out the paints and play artist for a day.

Pretend you are a tourist in your own city. Make a list of things you can do here at home that fit your budget, and have the kids vote on options. You could visit local historical sites, go to the zoo, tour a farm or business, or check out a new place to eat.

Pool resources with another family. Is there another family with kids that play well with yours who is also sticking around this Spring Break? Take turns having sleepover at each other’s houses. Organize activities such that different adults from the two families take sets of kids to do fun activities. Ask each adult to contribute a special time with the kids.

Set the kids loose in the kitchen. Pull out some healthy new recipes and spend time in the kitchen teaching your children how to cook and discussing your family’s health goals. Discuss body image, diet, and fitness.

You don’t have to go on some big expensive trip to have a fun Spring Break. Enjoy time with your family, building memories that will last.″>” width=468 height=60 border=0>

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