How To Lose Those Last Pesky Pounds

As if losing weight is not difficult enough as it is, one obstacle a lot of people tend to run into is that they come up with a “target weight” that they would like to get down to (and stay at!), but once they get close to this weight, it starts to feel like it is impossible to lose those last few pounds! While people certainly put more stock in “weight” than they should (after all, it should be more about eating healthy and working out to get your body looking how you want it to look, rather than to get it down to a specific weight!), it is still frustrating when you cannot reach the weight you want to reach.

When you are having a tough time getting rid of those last few pesky pounds, one thing that can help is changing up the workout you are doing; if you have been working out consistently and have stopped losing weight, your body may have gotten so conditioned to this workout that it is no longer responding to it as well, and simply changing what you are doing will make a big difference.

Your eating habits is the biggest thing that can affect whether or not you are losing weight; if you are eating healthy, you might also be better off adjusting your “target weight,” instead of eating less in order to lose weight (and of course, if you are seeing things in your eating habits that are not healthy, you should cut these things out!).

And if your "weight" makes a big difference in how you perceive yourself, you should realize that weighing yourself in the morning will make you feel much better about your progress, as this will be the time of day when you have the least amount of food and water (the latter of which can add a couple pounds of “weight” in a day).

Make sure you keep in mind the fact that being happy with “the way you look” is more important than being happy with “what you weigh” – but when you follow these tips, it will be easy for you to push past that plateau, losing those last few pesky pounds.″>” width=468 height=60 border=0>

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