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Skin Care Advice for Mature Women

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As you’re aging, are you noticing changes in your skin?


As you mature, you’ll probably notice some significant changes in your skin tone and health. Not only will you notice the advent of fine lines (which will develop into deeper creases as time goes by), you’ll also start to develop sun spots. Perhaps you’ve noticed some new sagging and that your skin just doesn’t repair itself the way it used to. Before you panic, invest in a good skin care regimen, aimed at improving mature skin.


Wash morning and evening, but be careful not to use harsh products, using gentle cleansers like Cetaphil. If you happen to have adult-onset acne, be sure to stay away from the anti-acne programs aimed at younger skin (Proactive and the like). Use natural and gentle products created for mature skin like Dermalogiica’s acne wash or their gentle exfoliator, made with ground rice. Make sure to always, always, always use SPF 30 sunblock, and to freshly put on more before going out in the sun.



Don’t tan at all, ever. Yes, you are going to the Caribbean; we understand. It’s better to be pale now and wrinkle-free (relatively) later, since sun damage is tough to reverse. It’s smart to invest in a cute beach hat, don your huge sunglasses (even more protection), and chase the shade.


If you see sun damage or scarring on your face, try using Dermalogica’s Multi Vitamin Power capsules to repair some of the damage. This potent mixture of vitamins A, E, and C will soak into your skin, healing your skin of damage and firming skin up. You’ll notice a difference right away, and after a couple weeks of regular use, you’ll notice reversal of aging and sun damage.


If you don’t like those fine lines around your eyes, start using iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, which stimulates collegen production. Remember, these expensive products are meant to be used sparingly, so dab carefully and enjoy beautiful skin!



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